Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Hey ladies! Hoping this generates enough interest to get a good group going, so spread the word!

If you're interested in participating, please leave a comment on this entry with your bump username, current weight, goal weight, how many lbs you've lost this week, how many lbs you've lost so far!

For example, here's mine:

ruby shoes
current: 140
goal: 120
this week: 0 lbs
so far: 0 lbs

I will post a poll to see what day everyone would like to do a check in and I will also create a badge for your siggies!

I've never managed an online group like this, so if you have suggestions or anything to add please e-mail! So excited!


  1. jharmo
    goal: 145
    this week: weigh on saturdays
    so far: 11 lbs

  2. saramwlong
    current: 166
    goal: 140ish
    this week: 1 pound (weigh in on Tuesdays)
    So Far: 19.2 pounds

  3. Kelli2507
    Goal: 150ish
    This past week: 2.4 down (weigh in on Saturdays)
    so far: 11.4 lbs

  4. ballet84
    Current: 139.4
    Goal: 127-130
    This week: -0.4 (weigh in on Fridays)
    So far: 19.6

  5. Bugluv
    Current 191
    1st goal: 165
    Ultimate goal: 150
    This week: stayed the same {which was good bc dh came home and we ate out a lot}
    So far: 13.2

  6. Madonnadouwanna
    Current: 235
    1st Goal: 220
    Ultimate Goal: 200 (we'll start there)
    This week: -3 (weigh-in on Wed)
    So far: 15

  7. lolo5000
    1st Goal:150
    Ultimate Goal: 130
    This week: Stayed the same
    So far:7